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quiz yourself on PHP

May 17, 2011

PHP 1.) The eregi() function is deprecated in PHP 5.3+ A. TRUE B. FALSE 2.) Which of the following will be most likely to work as intended: A. mail($headers, $body, $subject, $to); B. if ($i = $item) C. foreach ($i=0;$i $v) E. none of the above 3.) Which of the following is a valid php statement A. print ("<p> Hello World </p>"); B. echo...

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two online PHP tests

August 25, 2010

This is information for some on-line PHP tests: Even when you’ve been developing in PHP for a few years, a valid concern is whether an exam asks questions that are tricky or obscure. If so, you can miss questions on topics that you understand very well. Here are some obscure bits of information from just such a php test. int xml_parse ( resource $parser,...

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