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Stopping Website Visitor Blog Spam

April 9, 2012

Stopping Website Visitor Comment Spam. IF you have a blog and want visitors to easily add a comment to an item, you will also get spam – lots of it – unless you, traditionally, forced visitors to create a login before commenting, or you used a captcha. As one guy said, "It’s really disgusting the stuff I have to block from my blog every...

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Internet Hacking 101, with PHP

June 1, 2011

The point is, a web site (blog?) with an option or requirement to login before commenting (or blogging) and no captcha, may be easy to get into as an admin. Make sure your web site is secure. Micah Lee, in 2600, The Hacker Quarterly tells how to "write code that automatically loads web pages, submits forms, and [can create an admin user-id in WordPress...

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Clean up WordPress

May 7, 2011

There are some problems with WordPress which can be easy to fix if someone would just tell you how. Some issues involve portability: when you change internet hosting providers, and when you have a copy of your web site, certainly your wordpress blog, on your pc, it is a backup copy, and a place to safely try out things like new plugins and themes...

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Caching, the ultimate speed-up for wordpress

April 19, 2011

All dynamic web sites are built from server side programs accessing databases, and the more code, the more it is broken up – into separate files, the slower the access. Starting with the index.php, there are well over 2 dozen php programs that have to be accessed from the disk, and the fastest SCSI hard disks are still 1000 times slower than RAM. One...

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