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Goodbye Flash plug-in!

December 5, 2014

updated 2016-09-11 by PAUL WAGENSEIL Jun 17, 2016 You Should Disable Adobe Flash Player Now: Here’s How a large chunk of the malware attacking web browsers worldwide is dependent on Flash Player flaws. –,news-21335.html … the Flash plugin is entirely unnecessary nowadays and serves only as a for the delivery of viruses. – Hacker’s Manual 2016 page 32 April 8, 2016 Time...

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Flash takes over your camera and microphone and writes permanent cookies!

May 4, 2013

REMOVE FLASH! Flash takes control of your webcam and mike. without permission! Web sites advertisers can now silently access your camera and/or microphone and write up to 13 copies of a new type of cookie that was quietly introduced "last year" = 2009. It’s officially called the Local Shared Object (LSO), commonly called a Flash cookie. More persistent and much more dangerous than HTTP...

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