Moodle: State required identity questions for on-line classes

November 24, 2013

U.S. State required security-identity questions
for approval of online ‘certificated’ classes.

State requirement for proof of identity while taking online classes

State required proof of identity in an online classroom

A few years ago, several states, including Nevada, Idaho, Florida and, N.Carolina, passed into law the additional, on-line education, requirement that "if a student can re-answer a set of personal questions asked at the begining of a course, periodically throughout a course, this is proof enough that he/she is the same person who started the course".

To accomplish this:

There are 2 programs (to be placed in the root of moodle’s folders … alongside config.php, version.php and, others).
1. us_state_sec_quests.php
2. us_state_sec_quest1.php

There is 1 data file (of 3 tables) to import into your database,
containing 3 tables to be added to moodle’s database:
1. mdl_us_state_sec_quests   # the list of questions
2. mdl_us_state_sec_ans   # the list of answers for each question
3. mdl_us_state_sec_usr_ans   # the set of users answers

and 2 javascripts (only 1 line of code each) to call the programs.

The first program asks any number of arbitrary questions (8 included) of your choosing, and the 2nd program, s_state_sec_quest1.php, randomly asks them what answer they gave to one of the questions. This is how several states within the US have legislated "proof" that the person taking the course is the same one who started the course.

The questions are all multiple choice to eliminate user input errors. They don’t input anything, they just make their selections. (found in the 2nd table, mdl_us_state_sec_ans).
8 sample questions with multi-choice answers are included.

This is the latest version, for moodle 2.x and has been tested up through 2.5.x

Download and unpack this zip:


Below is a print-screen example of adding-editing the 1st page:

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