how to add and edit reports in zencart

May 16, 2014

updated 2014-06-21

How To Create Your Own Reports in ZenCart

I have done google searches on how to create my own reports in zencart and searches on how to edit the reports that are there and got no worthwhile information. There is a plugin zencart offers under "Admin Tools", called "Graphical Sales Report" and another simply called "Sales Report". They look helpful but are complicated by the inclusion of multi-language support and etc.

If you know php and mysql and can write your own querys, you can take one of the reports you do not use and edit its file (see the 5 file names below) and replace everything between the <!-- body //--> and the <!-- body_eof //--> with your own query(s) and output. . . . Or you can simply insert your query etc. just above <!-- body //-->
in the admin area: Reports:

  Customer Orders-Total
  Customers Referral
  Products Low Stock
  Products Purchased
  Products Viewed

the zencart admin file names all start with stats.

They are:

They are all directly under your admin folder.

also see the list (barely) documented at


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  1. MKWilliam on June 10, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    this is very good.

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