if chrome or Firefox will not save id’s and passwords

December 29, 2016

"help: I tell chrome to save my password but it does not do it"
It offers the option to do it but then, it does not.
(since it offers to do it, the browser settings are certainly proper)

There are some, not all, websites were Chrome, or Firefox, will not save nor re-save a password though It prompts you asking you if you want it to and you select {yes} but it never does. Often it saves it on one, Firefox or Chrome, but not both. There is no "exception" or "exclusion" and the setting to save passwords is certainly turned on. It seems that it WILL save them on new sites. You may have taken an option once to not save the password once but it was certainly not an option to quit forever.

The solution for me anyway was to install the extension "RememberPass" – available for both Chrome and for Firefox.

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