January 12, 2011


A web site systems analyst contractor

Networking, web site security, off site backups,

custom, difficult, complex, complicated programming logic.

* Joomla, Moodle, WordPress, Zen Cart, … *

I am Greg Smith, a Sr. Systems Analyst and Sr. Software Engineer.

I have designed and written scheduled and event-driven off-site backup systems that do not require physically carrying or mailing disks or tapes. It is all done across communications lines. I have designed and implemented comprehensive, "lock-down", security for high value e-commerce web sites.

I have developed complex logic to handle complicated, fluxuating, constantly re-mixed, sales teams commission calculations, developed complex testing and analysis logic providing multi-tiered evaluation scales displayed numerically and graphically, developed complete, detailed, annual balance sheet reports given to all customers at every year-end.

I have been a part of large IT divisions supporting hundreds of thousands of "users" all day, every day, a part of multiple and single IT departments, and a lone analyist. I have learned from experience how to solve problems for which there is no experience.

A few of my projects

My first web site, blog (wp)
Nicola Tesla
Project Management
id=mgr pw=mgr
you may look around
On Line Evaluations
Tom Wilson Counseling,
ZenCart & Moodle
The American Legion
Philippine Market, old
Philippine Market, new (ZC)
Programming Blog
Large companies are discovering that the Internet is more flexible than an in-house mainframe and web pages are more flexible more adaptable and more capable than a "dumb" terminal. Even where the data is so massive, "terrabytes", that it took a mainframe to hold it, PC hard disks have now reached and passed that capacity.

Modern databases (SQL) using modern, Internet, languages (PHP), can require fewer programmers and fewer lines of code resulting in more easily maintained, more reliable code, resulting in smaller, faster, IT depts. resulting in more responsive, more reliable companies.

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