Trump: violent, perverted, corrupt, racist, liar

He has done the opposite of everything he promised in his campaign. Even during his campaign, he lied so often and so blatantly that nothing he said could be counted on. He stooped to name-calling, attacked political opponents and their families unfairly, viciously, and seldom with any merit whatsoever. Because he was constantly being “called on the carpet” by the media for his lying and hypocrisy, he did what every. . . CONTINUE

Corporations: Their Rise To Dominance In The U.S.

Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States How our early colonists tried to control corporations and slowly-finally, unavoidably, failed. When American colonists declared independence from England in 1776, they also freed themselves from control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade. After fighting a revolution to end this exploitation, our country’s founders retained a healthy fear of corporate power and wisely limited corporations exclusively to. . . CONTINUE

Signs of Intelligent Life

1st posted 03-20-2012 “Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.” 54% of Americans already believe that there is some form of life on other planets (newsweek). A 2012 survey by National Geographic found that 77 percent of Americans think that aliens have visited Earth. “Do you think we are crazy or want to. . . CONTINUE

The Age of Aquarius

1st posted 04-07-2012 “Based on talks with actual engineers that work at Ford and GM, these two companies have actively discouraged any improvements in fuel efficiencies. Engineers would be threatened if they were caught tinkering with the computer systems or searching for ways to make the car engines run more efficiently.” … “CAFE standards were implemented in 1978 to force automakers to produce cars that get better mileage.” See “Decades. . . CONTINUE

The US Navy sonar plan looses in court

Wednesday, April 15, 2015; By David Henkin On March 31, a federal judge ruled that the National Marine Fisheries Service broke the law when it approved the U.S. Navy’s five-year Pacific weapons testing and training plan. The agency had concluded that the Navy’s [reckless] use of sonar, explosives and vessel strikes would threaten thousands of ocean dwellers with permanent hearing loss, lung damage and death – but approved it anyway.. . . CONTINUE

Edward Snowden

updated 01-27-2014 The police cannot spy on anyone without a court order but the NSA has become a new Gestapo spying on everyone, breaking the law and lying about it. Update: Polls Continue to Show Majority of Americans Against NSA Spying January 22, 2014 | By Mark Jaycox Update, January 2014: Polls continue to confirm the trend. In a poll conducted in December 2013 by the Washington Post, 66% of. . . CONTINUE

What Is Wrong With This Planet?

updated 02-04-2018 “What is wrong with this picture?” this planet?   In the 1930’s Roy Rife invented a microscope which enabled everyone to see a living virus. Then, using his microscope, he discovered a cure for cancer. The 3 biggest drug co.s with the help of the head of the AMA, had the money and power to destroy knowledge of both the microscope and the cure. (today, treatment of a. . . CONTINUE

the growing gap between rich and poor

a “super-entity” made up of 147 gigantic corporations basically dominates the entire global economy…. Faine Greenwood, September 10, 2013 America’s top 1 percent of earners control 19.3 percent of total household income, a gap wider even than in 1927. The current gap between America’s rich and poor is the widest in history, new research using Internal Revenue Service data reveals, as the country continues to struggle to recover from a. . . CONTINUE

Environmental Activists Killed in Record Numbers, Worldwide

By George Black, from OnEarth Last summer, photographer Ron Haviv and I were in Cajamarca, Peru, where the Denver-based Newmont Mining Corporation plans to spend $4.8 billion on a new gold mine, Conga, in an environmentally sensitive area of the high Andes. The project has provoked massive opposition, and Haviv and I were detained by security officials when we tried to visit the mine site and later tear-gassed by riot. . . CONTINUE

Strip Mining Coal vs. Health and Jobs

the devastating economic costs and mounting humanitarian crisis related to reckless mountaintop removal operations Jeff Biggers, September 26, 2011; 2009 North American Goldman Prize Winner Maria Gunnoe testified. “Jobs in surface mining are dependent on blowing up the next mountain and burying the next stream. When are we going to say enough is enough? In truth, thanks to the heavily mechanization of strip-mining and shift to Powder River Basin. . . CONTINUE

Independent Businesses – shafted by the GOP

Posted: 01/24/11 10:41 AM For the past two years, the NFIB has been less an advocate for small businesses than an arm of the Republican Party. When the interests of the GOP and the needs of small firms have collided, the NFIB has repeatedly sided with Republicans, jeopardizing billions of dollars in credit, tax benefits and other federal subsidies that are critical to the small enterprises that form the backbone. . . CONTINUE

Huge Plumes of Oil in the Gulf! People Dying!

Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil is Making It Hard to Pretend that the Problem Has Disappeared Florida Oil Spill Law -&- Washington’s Blog “I just got this from a friend fisherman in Florida. It just shows that the oil did not disappear but is slowly getting into the food chain. BP and the media are covering this up. This is only the start of chain reaction in the food. . . CONTINUE

Acoustical Warning System Protects Whales and Dolphins

Friday, August 20, 2010; Sea Shepherd News Early Warning System for the Whales: Sea Shepherd Deploys Acoustical Warning System for Whales in the Faroe Islands Over the last few weeks, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has maintained a presence in the Danish Protectorate of the Faeroe (a.k.a. Faroe) Islands. Sea Shepherd is partnered with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in our opposition to the brutal and barbaric slaughter of pilot whales by. . . CONTINUE