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The First Flying Saucer Program

(the first, built by humans, in our modern era anyway)

“the US military was justifiably alarmed about the Nazi development of fighter discs … that could hover, fly at supersonic speeds, and change direction instantly.
German aeronautical engineers were working on discs beginning in 1933, and by 1945 they had developed a highly sophisticated circular craft that was able to fly at very high altitudes and with incredible speed using electromagnetic propulsion technology. If the war had lasted only a few months longer … the Allies’ air superiority would have vanished. We would then have lost the war… both Britain and the United States (and Russia) were receiving reports about these discs … it became imperative to conclude [win!] the war as quickly as possible.
Furthermore, and most importantly we [our military] had been aware of the alien presence on the planet since the 1930’s…

According to Philadelphia Experiment survivor Al Bielek, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Pleiadian representatives on board the USS Missouri in the mid-Pacific in 1933. Bielek claimed that this meeting was arranged by Nikola Tesla.

Given that Tesla is the first, the only one, to publicly announce receiving intelligent messages from space:
“Tesla elaborated on the subject of Talking With the Planets in Collier’s Weekly (March 1901)” …
“Although I could not at the time decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting [conversation] of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals”

“This incident was the first of many in which Tesla intercepted what he felt were intelligent signals from space.” [he was listening to a conversation]

“At the time, it was surmised by prominent scientists that Mars would be a likely haven for intelligent life in our solar system, and Tesla at first thought these signals may be originating from the red planet. He would later change this viewpoint as he became more adept at translating the mysterious signals.” [Tesla was something of a linguist, fluent or conversant in a number of languages]

“In the Tesla journals that he uncovered, Dale Alfrey noted that by the 1920’s Tesla had grown confident that he was able to make sense of the strange radio broadcasts from space. However, soon afterwards, Tesla began to express great concerns about beings from other planets who had unsavory designs for planet Earth.”
“The signals are too strong to have traveled the great distances from Mars to Earth,” wrote Tesla. “So I am forced to admit to myself that the sources must come from somewhere in nearby space or even the moon … the creatures that communicate with each other every night are not from Mars, or possibly from any other planet in our solar system.”
“Tesla had told me that beings from other planets were already here,” related Matthews. “He was very afraid that they had been controlling man for thousands of years and that we were simply test subjects for an experiment of extremely long duration.”

Nazi Haunebu III

“Hitler was told to preserve the Aryan (same as Pleiadian) [race] here on Earth. He was not supposed to kill off the [race] of the Pleiadians arch enemies, the Draco, who colonized Earth in the form of the Semitic race. … The Leveron alliance consists of reptilians and grays and their leader is from a planet called Draco which orbits Draco Major in the Orion constellation. That is why the leverons are sometimes referred to as the Orion alliance.”
– Encounter in the Pleiades by P.B. Nichols, pg.74, 84

We have all the stories about UFO sightings, about our own military building and flying them, and more. Now, for my first time, I have read when and how our development of flying saucers started: Nazi Germany, aided by aliens hidden in Tibet and beyond, capturing Nazi scientists and engineers and putting them to work building saucers for us. (and England and Russia doing the same)
There is a lot more to the continuing story but this is another example making it clear that we have had the knowledge to keep this planet much more nearly pollution free, to benefit from technologies denied us by our governments and the hidden governments behind them. – editor

[Recognizing that aliens have been here since the beginning and that, in some cases, it was their ancestors who first settled here and they are now our ancestors as well, throws out cherished beliefs. “Gods” did not only create others on other planets as well, but we came from some of them. (and it must be even more complicated than just that – there are others trying to interfere?) Today, it does not help that those in charge of big corporations are willing to drive us all to extinction rather than give up their position of power and authority. Just the fact that aliens will have no interest in their games, and will not be controlled, should end their domination.]

Nazi Haunebu I


Nazi Haunebu II

In 1944, SS Commander Heinrich Himmler withdrew all secret technology and weapons development from under the control of Hermann Goering and relegated it to civil engineer SS General Hans Kammler, and it was moved to the massive Skoda Munitions Works near Pilsen [Plzen] Czechoslovakia. … The Skoda factory produced the German Panzer tanks early in the war and had the capacity for large-scale metal castings, which were needed to build the discs. There is evidence that the Germans manufactured up to 25 working models of the Haunebu type. This was the distinctive bell-shaped craft powered by a rather simple electromagnetic motor called the Kohler converter [Hans Kohler aka Hans Coler: Magnetstromapparat, “Magnet Current Apparatus“] … In this series, the Haunebu I was a small, two-man ship, but the Haunebu II … was reported to have a diameter of about 75 feet. … the German technicians had built a huge version to the Haunebu, which was about 230 feet in diameter. This “dreadnought,” the Haunebu IV was piloted by an all-volunteer joint German-Japanese crew and went on a suicide mission to Mars. According to Vladimir Terziski it crash-landed on Mars in Jan. 1946 after a difficult 8 month flight. … Terziski says that this mission left from the joint Nazi-alien base at Neuschwabenland in Antarctica.

Other important research was carried on – presumably at Sloda, primarily by Viktor Schauberger and Richard Miethe. … In a letter written by Schauberger to a friend, he gives information about his direct experience. He says:
“The flying saucer which was flight tested on the 19th of February 1945 near Prague and which attained a height of 15,000 meters in 3 minutes and a horizontal speed of 2,200 km/hr, was constructed according to a model I built at Mauthausen concentration camp …

The Godfather of Nazi Germany


Nazi Haunebu III


Nazi Haunebu IV

Karl Haushofer was a celebrated veteran of World War I. Before the war, he was an officer teaching at the German War Academy and in 1908 was sent to Japan to assist as an artillery instructor and study Japanese military practices. … Already fluent in Russian, French, and English, he easily learned Japanese and Korean and consequently he was accepted into the highest strata of Japanese society … and the Kokuryu-Kai, better known as the Black Dragon Society. … the Black Dragons in addition to controlling Japan, infiltrated the power centers of all the countries of East Asia… They did not hesitate to use assassination to further their goal of domination. … The Black Dragons were confident that they would be able to conquer Russia with Germany’s help by attacking from two directions.

At the innermost core of the Black Dragon Society was the Green Dragon Society. … In the 19th century it became known that the Green Dragons maintained a close affiliation with a mysterious group called the Society of Green Men who lived in a remote monastery and underground community in Tibet and communicated with the Green Dragons only at the astral level. Capable of manifesting tremendous psychic and occult power, the Green Men easily controlled the Green Dragons, who viewed the liaison as advantageous to them, not realizing who was controlling whom.

Book: Secret Journey
to Planet Serpo
– by Len Kasten

Impressed with German-Prussian militarism, the Green Men … convinced the Green Dragons to invite Haushofer into the society, and to initiate him into some of their mysteries. By giving him powers that only they could convey they hoped to use him as a catalyst to bring about an invincible fascist German state, which would form an alliance with Japan…

He returned to Germany in 1911 … a secret weapon unleashed upon unsuspecting German society by the dugpas, the black magicians of the underground Tibetan civilization… In 1914, he entered World War I with the rank of General,… he was able to predict with precision Allied bombardments and maneuvers, and consequently, was able to undertake timely countermeasures thus … he emerged from the war as a hero in the rank of Major General…
In retrospect, it has become clear that the Green Men were connected with the underground empire of extraterrestrials [including the Gray’s, the Reptilians, and others] which is said to extend from southwestern Tibet all across the Indian subcontinent to Benares, India. This empire is called Patala, or “Snakeworld” in Hindu mythology and is said to be the home of the Nagas or the serpent race, who have been worshipped by some and feared as demons by others in India since ancient times. … We know now that the Reptilians are closely associated with the so-called Greys originally from Zeta Reticuli,

from Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, by Len Kasten; pages 8-23

“For example, [the Pleiadians] believe they were the ones who originally colonized this planet but others will debate that it was done first by Marduk or Orion. … Hitler was told to preserve the Aryan (same as Pleiadian) [race] here on Earth. He was not supposed to kill off the [race] of the Pleiadians arch enemies, the Draco, who colonized Earth in the form of the Semitic race. …

The Leveron alliance consists of reptilians and grays and their leader is from a planet called Draco which orbits Draco Major in the Orion constellation.” … Pleiadian planet Aldebaran: “Although the Aldebarans are Pleiadians, they align more with the Orion group. … They are the ones who contacted Hitler and sent him off to protect and foster the Aryan race.” – Encounter in the Pleiades by P.B. Nichols, pg.74, 84


Parallel Accounts – Other Sources

the Nazi’s and the Gray’s
My wife, J, guided me through nine memory retrieval sessions in the first three months of 1994. We were searching for the past life incident that was causing the problem with my lungs. We did uncover some intriguing experiences with Grays back in the ’30s and ’40s when I was a pilot in the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). … My earliest memory of contact with Grays in Germany was in 1938. My memory of this event began inside a large airplane hangar at an air field somewhere in Germany. High-level Nazi officials, including Adolph Hitler, sat in rows of chairs on the stage. … Afterward we adjourned outside through the large sliding hangar doors behind the stage. A very large alien disk was parked approximately one hundred feet from the hangar. There were rows of chairs facing the entrance to the craft. I was invited aboard the ship for a tour. I accepted. What I didn’t know and what the Grays never bothered to mention, was that I was going to receive a painful examination and psychological programming.

The next I remember on my tour was lying on a table with a bright light overhead. I felt pressure against my chest as if something was holding me down. A Gray took a fingernail sample, and then they shoved a tube down my throat and collapsed my lungs. (I gagged and coughed when I recalled this part of the incident in session.) Although the examination was relatively short, they also put some kind of device on my head which pressed against my temples. The device caused many pictures to flash rapidly through my mind. I remembered seeing pictures of war and an atom bomb going off. It gave me a headache. After the examination I got off the table, put on my clothes, buttoned my coat, and continued on my tour of the ship.


Geo-politics was not merely academic theory. It was a driving, dynamic plan for the conquest of the heartland of Eurasia and for domination of the world by the conquest of that heartland …. Really, Hitler was largely only a symbol and a rabble-rousing mouthpiece. The intellectual content of which he was the symbol was the doctrine of Haushofer (Jacobson, 1987 , pp. 568–9).

Haushofer and the Green Dragon society, Vril, Thule
From 1907 Haushofer lived mainly in Japan, where he was initiated into an esoteric Buddhist society, ‘The Green Dragon’ …
He was also the main protagonist of the concept of the Vril in Germany and was a member of the Thule Society. The Luminous Lodge or Vril Society was founded in Berlin. Its leading light was Karl Haushofer.
He was with Gurdjieff in Tibet in 1903, 1905, 1906, 1907 and 1908. From 1907 Haushofer lived mainly in Japan, where he was initiated into an esoteric Buddhist society,’The Green Dragon’

From 1911 – 1913 Haushofer would work on his doctorate of philosophy from Munich University for a thesis on Japan entitled “Reflections on Greater Japan’s Military Strength, World Position, and Future”. … By World War I he had attained the rank of General, and commanded a brigade on the western front.

German ufo’s:

Der Puppenspieler:
The Role of Karl Haushofer in the Third Reich

By Peter Tatara

A university professor fluent in Russian, French, English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, a man tied closely with Hitler and Hess, General Haushofer stood as mentor, teacher, and sage, sculpting the zeal and fanaticism that would turn Germany into a totalitarian state, preaching of racial stratification, geographic unity, and the right of the Aryan people. A footnote in many books and not mentioned at all in many more, Haushofer’s role in the Reich has gone greatly underappreciated. Making pacts, studying signets, and legitimizing hate, Haushofer was nothing less than a masterful conductor carefully hidden in the folds of the Nazi regime.

A patriot, a nationalist, and a career soldier, Haushofer served in the Artillery Corps. with a shining sense of duty. Soon recognized, the young man was promoted by his superiors, appointed to the General Staff, and in 1908, because of his beaming ethic, it was by order of the General Staff that Haushofer was sent to Tokyo to observe the organization of the Japanese Army. (Gonzales) This fateful, horrible, wonderful trip would inscribe in the officer a seed of fascism that would bloom into the convictions of the Nazi Party. In Japan, Haushofer studied not only military dogma but also culture and art. Becoming an associate of the Emperor, he was smitten by the East. Captivated by the beauty, culture, pride, duty, and zeal, the man took it all back to Berlin. An academic with a mystic mind, during his time in Japan, Haushofer translated Buddhist and Hindu texts, intrigued by curses, symbols, and cults. Called an “accomplished black magician” (Fitzgerald 60) the full scope of Haushofer’s purported supernatural powers make him into a pagan demi-god with lightning rippling from his eyes. … He did bring back renewed interest in the Tibetan swastika, a symbol of fortune and good luck, ready to be corrupted by Nazi designs (Berlitz and Pauwels 280). Further, the man made connections with the Kokuryu Kai (Black Dragon Society). An ultra-right Japanese secret society infiltrating business and governmental positions, the Black Dragons sought imperial expansion and military supremacy, filling Haushofer’s mind with possibilities and pride (The New Axis). Haushofer, fascinated by the sect’s exclusivity, stealth, and reach, wanted to create his own Black Dragons.

Returning to the fatherland, the soldier became involved with the Thule Society, a nationalist, occult organization named after the Island of Thule, an Atlantis-like mythical land supposedly home to a race of Nordic supermen. The association was a clandestine group dedicated to exploring the origins and might of the Aryan people with the arch-importance being that to gain favor with industrial workers the Thule Society created the Workers’ Political Circle (Anderson 16) a party that would be renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazi Party. …
Many of the themes present in Mein Kampf came straight from the Doctor.

Plots, Plans, and Policies: Defining the Reich

As Hitler rose to fame, Haushofer guided his every step. Obscuring the full shape of Nazi aims, Haushofer spoke of geographic imperialism, the right of the state, and the good of the people. As Hitler barked, screamed, and stirred popular sentiment, Haushofer eloquently appealed to the respectable and intellectual. Hitler gave tirades; Haushofer soliloquies. Before Wehrmacht stormtroopers marched through Austria and Czechoslovakia, a philanthropic organization, the Association for German’s Abroad, fanned Aryan flames, recruiting and agitating National Socialism. Cheerleading for the Nazis, they silenced resistance and stirred support.

The Association was led by Hitler’s Merlin. Working toward a Eurasian utopia and a restored German fist, stabbing hard into the much-maligned limiters imposed by Versailles, Haushofer was responsible for the Apollo Pact, an agreement allowing German soldiers to secretly train in Russia, and sending German aircraft designers to Japan to consult on the development of warplanes. Together, they would become strong. Through subterfuge and shadow tactics, Haushofer bent the Versailles ruling, building Germany’s power while the world still thought her weak and began to stoke her friends, marshaling the pillars that the world would soon revolve around. Greatest still, the Axis Pact, the document that bonded Germany, Italy, and Japan, was penned by none other Karl Haushofer himself (Last Secrets of the Axis).

Pearl Harbor: Germany’s Attack on the United States

Haushofer possessed by the radiance of Japanese loyalty, viewing the Schutzstaffel as Germany’s samurai and Japan as the “Aryans of the East,” (The New Axis) pressed Hitler into bringing Japan into the fold. Hitler, looking up to the man, agreed. The arrangement was mutually beneficial.

U-Boats patrolled the Atlantic, picking off what freighters and support ships they could. The Germans sank Brazilian vessels with a surprising regularity, …
Brazil’s population had a high amount of immigrant Japanese, and among the immigrant Japanese, there was a high amount of Black Dragons (Last Secrets).

Watching, they gave reports as to the movements and courses of departing vessels, leading the wolves right to their unsuspecting prey. In return for the direction, Berlin gave Tokyo the keys to Pearl Harbor. When the flights of Zeros struck the American naval base on December 7, 1941, they had detailed plans of every ship and every location. These plans were prepared by a man named Bernard Julius Otto Kuehn, a spy recruited by Karl Haushofer from Munich University. Moving to Honolulu in the 1930s, he bought a home overlooking the base. Watching Pearl Harbor, making careful charts, he sent his finding to the Japanese consulate, all the while maintaining the guise that he was writing a paper on the geopolitical history of the Hawaiian islands (Last Secrets).


In 1945 German made UFO’s could travel to the moon in 1 hour.

Betty and Barney Hill

“…Another figure has an EVIL face… ‘HE LOOKS LIKE A GERMAN NAZI. HE’S A NAZI… HIS EYES! HIS EYES. I’VE NEVER SEEN EYES LIKE THAT BEFORE!!!” The above quote was made under regressive hypnosis by one of the first publicized ‘UFO abductees’, Barney Hill who — along with his wife Betty — claimed to have been abducted by grey-skinned entities from a space craft

The Swastika

For many centuries the swastika had been used in Tibet as a symbol of love, peace, and a talisman for good luck and protection against evil.

But in their book The Morning of the Magicians, authors Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier mention that, after the Red Army took Berlin, the Soviets discovered the bodies of about 1000 Tibetans, wearing German uniform, but without the usual insignia of rank. No explanation has been offered to account for the strange fact.

On the other hand, the Nazis’ interest in Tibet is well known. The Ahnenerbe, or Nazi Society for Ancesiral Heritage, organized several expeditions to Tibet. Their purpose was to locate the origins of the “Nordic” race which was, according to the Nazi theoreticians, of Indo-Germanic stock. But some contend that the main goal of these expeditions actually was to get in touch with the spiritual “power-plant” producer of Vril.

Some people believe that one of the most evident expressions of Nazi interest in Tibet was the party’s adoption of Tibet’s most important mystical symbol: the swastika.

Foo Fighters

An Associated Press release published in the New York Herald Tribune of January 1945:

Now, it seems, the Nazis have thrown something new into the night skies over Germany. It is the weird, mysterious ‘Foo Fighter’ balls which race alongside the wings of Beaufighters flying intruder missions over Germany. Pilots have been encountering this eerie weapon for more than a month in their night flights. No-one apparently knows what this sky weapon is. The ‘balls of fire’ appear suddenly and accompany the planes for miles. They seem to be radio controlled from the ground, so official intelligence reports reveal . .

Either because of the famous line from the popular Smokey Stover comic strip, ‘Where there’s foo, there’s fire’, or simply because the French word for ‘fire’ is feu, these ‘eerie’ weapons soon became widely known as ‘foo fighters’.

Official ‘foo fighter’ reports were submitted by pilots Henry Giblin and Walter Cleary, who stated that on the night of 27 September 1944, they had been harassed in the vicinity of Speyer by ‘an enormous burning light’ that was flying above their aircraft at about 250 miles per hour; another report came from Lieutenant Edward Schluter, a fighter-pilot of the US 415th Night-Fighter Squadron based at Dijon, Prance, who, on the night of 23 November 1944, was harassed over the Rhine by ‘ten small reddish balls of fire’ flying in formation at immense speed. Further sightings were made by members of the same squadron on 27 November, 22 December and 24 December.

In a report published in the New York Times of 2 January 1945, US Air Force Lieutenant Donald Meiers claimed that there were three kinds of foo fighters: red balls of fire that appeared off the aircraft’s wingtips, other balls of fire that flew in front of them, and ‘lights which appear off in the distance like a Christmas tree in the air and flicker on and off. Meiers also confirmed that the foo fighters climbed, descended or turned when the aircraft did so. The foo fighters were witnessed both at night and by day, yet even when pacing the Allied aircraft they did not show up on the radar screens.

A classified project had actually been established in England in 1943 under the direction of Lieutenant General Massey, to examine a spate of reports of UFO submitted by British, French and US pilots flying bombing missions over occupied France and Nazi Germany. While no official designation of the foo fighters was offered, most reports indicated that they were ‘balls of fire’ [balls of light?] which flew in parallel formation with the Allied aircraft, often pacing them for great distances, at speeds exceeding 300 miles per hour, and frequently causing their engines to malfunction and cut in and out. While a few reports of crashing Allied aircraft suggest that foo fighters caused the crashes by making the aircraft’s engines cut out completely, most reports indicate that this was unlikely, and that the foo fighters merely tailed the planes and caused the pilots psychological harm, rather than physical damage. They also flew away when fired upon.

At first it was assumed that the ‘balls of fire’ were static electricity charges, but the mounting body of evidence made it clear that they were under some kind of control and were certainly not natural phenomena. Indeed, according to a London Daily Telegraph report of 2 January 1945, RAF pilots were describing them as ‘strange orange lights which follow their planes, sometimes flying in formation with them, and eventually peeling off and climbing’. This soon led to speculation that they were German secret weapons, radio-controlled from the ground, and designed either to foul the ignition systems of the bombers or act as ‘psychological’ weapons which confused and unnerved the Allied pilots. Finally, unable to solve the mystery, both the RAF and the US Eighth Army Air Force concluded that they were the products of ‘mass hallucination’ and subsequently did no more about them. Sightings of the foo fighters tailed off and ceased completely a few weeks before the end of the war. The next wave of UFO sightings occurred in Western Europe, Scandinavia and the US, where from 1946/7 many people, including airline pilots and radar operatives, reported seeing strange cigar or disc-shaped objects in the skies.

On 21 June 1947, Harold Dahl reported seeing saucer-shaped objects flying toward the Canadian border. Three days later, Kenneth Arnold made his more famous sightings of saucer-shaped objects over the Cascades, also heading for the Canadian border.

These and subsequent sightings led to speculation that both the Soviets and the Americans, utilizing men and material captured in the secret research plants of Nazi Germany, including those at Peenemünde and Nordhausen, were developing advanced saucer-shaped aircraft. In the words of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, then head of the UFO investigations at the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book: ‘When World War II ended, the Germans had several radical types of new aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority of these projects were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of the objects reported by UFO observers.’ It would seem that such speculations were based on facts.

Wernher von Braun’s V1 and V2 rockets were falling on London

… There were other striking similarities between Wernher von Braun’s V2 and Robert H. Goddard’s original rocket. Both rockets had the same motor-cooling system, the same pump drive, the same layout front to rear, the same stabilizer and the same guidance and fuel injection systems. Indeed, the only notable difference between the two was that Goddard’s rocket motors used gasoline and oxygen, whereas the V2 used hydrogen and peroxide; Goddard’s rocket fuel was liquid oxygen and gasoline, whereas the V2 used liquid oxygen and alcohol; and, finally, Goddard’s original rocket was a lot smaller than the V2. The V2 rockets had a thrust of 55,000 pounds, attained a velocity of 6400 feet per second, and could soar to an altitude of sixty-eight miles. What this meant, in effect, is that the Germans had taken designs shamefully neglected by the US government and used them as the basis for a radical, highly advanced, supersonic technology.

In the years between the armistice and 1923, Karl Haushofer actively sought the man who would lead Germany and make it into a fascist military power, capable of joining with Japan to take over Russia, … In preparation for designation the new German dictator, Haushofer was instrumental in founding two secret organizations with ties to the Dragons. Along with Rudolf von Sebottendorf, he helped found the occult-based Thule Society in Munich in 1918. The Thulists eventually morphed into the Nazi Party. He also founded the Vril Society, which had ties to the Tibetan monks. It was in this super-secret inner core of the Thule that the first German flying discs were developed. …

Haushofer arranged to bring a group of monks from the Green Dragons and the Society of Green Men to Berlin to set up an advisory group.

Encouraged by Rudolph Hess, Haushofer attended Adolf Hitler’s trial for treason in Munich in 1923. Hitler so impressed Haushofer with his electrifying oration at the trial, that he decided that Hitler was the chosen one.



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