Iraq’s oil funds ISIS

How The Islamic State Smuggles Oil To Fund Its Campaign by Deborah Amos, September 09, 2014 In less than three years, the Islamic State has had a remarkable rise from startup militants to a cash-rich and capable extremist organization. The swift expansion is fueled, in part, by a massive oil smuggling operation in eastern Syria that has now expanded to Iraq, according to regional analysts and oil industry specialists. The. . . CONTINUE

The 1973 Oil Crisis

By Sarah Horton In October of 1973 Middles-eastern OPEC nations stopped exports to the US and other western nations. They meant to punish the western nations that supported Israel, their foe, in the Yom Kippur War, but they also realized the strong influence that they had on the world through oil. One of the many results of the embargo was higher oil prices all throughout the western world, particularly in. . . CONTINUE

Gulf Coast: “Things just started coming out of my skin”

Many are experiencing serious physical and mental health problems. … … problems faced by Gulf Coast residents aren’t resonating in Washington… all persons tested showed significant amounts of oil related toxins in their systems. Residents at Feinberg meeting: “LIE! LIE! You are such a lying piece of s**t” while talking about health problems Kids feeling impact of oil spill – and situation is getting worse (VIDEO) Oil Spill Victim: Things. . . CONTINUE

STAY OUT OF THE GULF! “my skin and eyes were on fire”

Woman reports troubling symptoms after swimming in Gulf – Burning lesions all over her body & face, “I keep finding more and more of them” March 3rd, 2011 at 08:44 AM Susan from Panama City Beach, Florida lives only a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico. “I went for one last swim in the Gulf last July,” she wrote, “And on my way home, on my bike, my. . . CONTINUE

WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil

US diplomat convinced by Saudi expert that reserves of world’s biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40% John Vidal, environment editor,, Tuesday 8 February 2011 The US fears that Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude oil exporter, may not have enough reserves to prevent oil prices escalating, confidential cables from its embassy in Riyadh show. The cables, released by WikiLeaks, urge Washington to take seriously a warning. . . CONTINUE

frequency generator clears a polluted Gulf bay.

Researcher, John Hutchison, and his associate, Nancy Lazaryan, have come up with a device that emits a combination of audio and radio frequencies that have the effect of clearing waters polluted by oil and dispersant in less than 24 hours, bringing the native life back – The Coast Guard has been using it since the 50’s. Oct. 27, 2010 by Sterling D. Allan; Pure Energy Systems News Concerned about the. . . CONTINUE

Huge Plumes of Oil in the Gulf! People Dying!

Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil is Making It Hard to Pretend that the Problem Has Disappeared Florida Oil Spill Law -&- Washington’s Blog “I just got this from a friend fisherman in Florida. It just shows that the oil did not disappear but is slowly getting into the food chain. BP and the media are covering this up. This is only the start of chain reaction in the food. . . CONTINUE

U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels

By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL With insurgents increasingly attacking the American fuel supply convoys that lumber across the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan, the military is pushing aggressively to develop, test and deploy renewable energy to decrease its need to transport fossil fuels. Last week, a Marine company from California arrived in the rugged outback of Helmand Province bearing novel equipment: portable solar panels that fold up into boxes; energy-conserving lights; solar tent. . . CONTINUE

Car gets 400+ MPG

updated 06-15-2017 His car got 463 MPG and ran on fumes John Weston’s Air/Vapor Flow System, AVFS Literally running on vapor! over 900 mpg on Coleman camping fuel, or white gas (see 918 mpg below) John Weston stands next to his 1992 Geo Storm GSI, which is equipped with his invention dubbed the Air Vapor Flow System. He claims the car can run 14 miles on 4 ounces of fuel,. . . CONTINUE

BP Damage Assesment, over 200 million gallons!

BP’s blownout Deepwater Horizon well gushed up to 2.6 million gallons a day, the federal government now says, a total equivalent of 19 Exxon Valdezes. For months, BP insisted the figure of 1,000 then 5,000 barrels a day. BP will be responsible for a $17.6 billion fine – $4,300 for each barrel of oil, less the 800,000 barrels directly siphoned from the well-head. BP’s leaking well gushed 62,000 barrels of. . . CONTINUE

oil giant BP: 97% of Worst Industry Violations

Renegade Refiner: OSHA Says BP Has “Systemic Safety Problem” 97% of Worst Industry Violations Found at BP Refineries By Jim Morris and M.B. Pell | May 16, 2010 “a risk taking corporation that operated in an industry with ineffective regulatory oversight.” Two refineries owned by oil giant BP account for 97 percent of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by government safety inspectors over the past three years,. . . CONTINUE

Michigan Oil Spill Forces Residents To Evacuate

July 31st, 2010 On Monday, a disastrous leak in one of the world’s largest pipeline systems gushed over 1 million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River, located in southwest Michigan. Already, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has declared the area a disaster zone, quickly activating State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to ensure all state resources are devoted to oil spill response. “From my perspective, the response has been anemic,” Granholm. . . CONTINUE

Pipeline Leaks In Alaska’s Oldest Oil Field

Thursday, 22 July 2010 8:37AM ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) – An estimated 630 gallons of oil has leaked from a buried pipeline in Alaska’s oldest operating oil field, state environmental officials said Wednesday. The leak was discovered at the Swanson River oil field in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge south of Anchorage, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) said. The field, which produces both oil and natural gas, is operated. . . CONTINUE