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“a mysterious radiation,
which comes out of the aether”,
“Radiant energy”

Tesla’s Discovery of Radiant / Dark Energy

The electrical, Radiant, energy throughout the universe, which Tesla referred to and would use to provide power wirelessly at Wardenclyffe has recently been re-discovered and called Dark Energy (“because it cannot be seen”).

Of all the great inventions and discoveries of Nikola Tesla, nothing stood out with greater potential benefit to the whole of humanity than his discovery of Radiant (“Dark”) Energy. Only after conducting exhaustive experimental trials for three years, did Tesla announce this stupendous discovery in a paper published in December, 1892, entitled “The Dissipation of Electricity”. Incredibly, most academicians of the day completely missed the mark in understanding the true significance of his paper. Noted scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge, mistakenly thought that Tesla was referring to high frequency AC electricity in the operation of the Tesla Transformer, a huge blunder that remains to this day in the misnaming and misinterpretation of the Tesla Coil. The transformer that Tesla referred to in the 1892 paper did not operate on magnetic/electric field induction created by alternating currents. It operated in an entirely new domain of physics based on abrupt discharges of electrostatic potentials and the subsequent release of kinetic Radiant Energy from the omnipresent ether/cosmos. Tesla was now operating under entirely new rules which he referred to as “dynamic”electro-static forces and had, by now, completely abandoned any further interest in the AC waveform. The genesis of the Lodge misunderstanding, however, began a few years earlier with the publication of certain mathematical formulas by a brilliant Scotsman named James Clerk Maxwell.


The Blue Spike Phenomena

Tesla’s introduction to the phenomena of Radiant Energy began with early observations by linesmen working for Thomas Edison, Tesla’s former employer, in 1884. Before Tesla’s inventions of the Poly-phase AC motors and generators became the industry standard and overtook Thomas Edison’s use of DC generators, the DC electrical system was the only system available to deliver electricity to America’s homes and factories. Due to the resistance offered by long transmission lines, Edison had to produce very high DC voltages from his generators in order to deliver enough voltage and current to its final destination. He also had to provide additional “pumping” stations along the way to boost the sagging voltage which dwindled from line losses. A curious anomaly occurred in the very first instant of throwing the power switch at the generating station: Purple/blue colored spikes radiated in all directions along the axis of the power lines for just a moment. In addition, a stinging,ray-like shocking sensation was felt by those who stood near the transmission lines. In some cases, when very large DC voltages surged from the generators, the “stinging” sensation was so great that occasionally a blue spike jumped from the line and grounded itself through a workman, killing him in the process.

Tesla realized almost immediately that electrons were not responsible for such a phenomena because The blue spike phenomena ceased as soon as the current started flowing in the lines. Something else was happening just before the electrons had a chance to move along the wire. At the time, no one seemed to be very interested in discovering why these dramatic events of static electric discharge were taking place, but rather, engineering design efforts were focused on eliminating and quenching this strange anomaly which was considered by everyone to be a nuisance – except Tesla. Tesla saw it for what it was, a powerful, yet unknown form of energy which aroused his curiosity more and more, every time it happened. The phenomena only exhibited itself in the first moment of switch closure, before the electrons could begin moving. There seemed to be a “bunching” or “choking” effect at play, but only briefly. Once the electrons began their movement within the wire, all would return to normal. What was this strange energy that was trying to liberate itself so forcefully at the moment of switch closure?.


Maxwell’s Equations

Using mathematical models, James Clerk Maxwell had earlier suggested that two different types of electrical disturbances could possibly exist in Nature. One type was a longitudinal electric wave which required alternating concentrations of densified and rarefied pulsations of electrostatic fields that moved along a single vector (today, we refer to these as standing waves or scalar waves). Maxwell ultimately rejected this idea because he was convinced that this type of wave propagation was impossible to achieve, but his assumption was erroneous and would later portend formidable consequences for Tesla and the world at large.

Maxwell’s second wave postulation was that of a transverse electromagnetic wave that exhibited a rapid alternation of electric fields along a fixed axis that radiated away from its point of origin at the speed of light and was detectable at great distances. Maxwell had more faith in the existence of this type of wave and encouraged experimenters to look in this direction. It was the discovery of this type of wave that Hertz had laid claim to, but Tesla was meticulous and fastidious in replicating Hertz’s experimental parameters and he could not obtain the results claimed by Hertz. Tesla discovered a fundamental flaw in Hertz’s experiment: Hertz had failed to take into account the presence of air in his experiments. Hertz had mistakenly identified electrostatic inductions or electrified shock waves as true electromagnetic waves. Tesla was saddened to bring this news to the distinguished academician, but felt scientific honesty was paramount if progress was to be achieved. Tesla visited Hertz in Germany and personally demonstrated the experimental error to him. Hertz agreed with Tesla and had planned to withdraw his claim, but reputations, political agendas, national pride, and above all, powerful financial interests, intervened in that decision and set the stage for a major rift in the ‘accepted’ theories that soon became transformed into the fundamental “laws” of the electric sciences that have held sway in industry and the halls of academia to the present day.


Tesla’s Experiments

Radiant Electricity

In 1889 Tesla began experimenting with capacitors charged to high voltages and discharged in very short time intervals. These very short pulses produced very sharp shockwaves which he felt across the front of his whole body. He was aware that closing a switch on a high-voltage dynamo often produced a stinging shock. This was believed to be static electricity and it occurred only at switch-on and only for a few milliseconds. However, in those few milliseconds, bluish needles of energy stand out from the electrical cables and they leak to ground, often through the bodies of any people standing nearby, causing immediate death if the installation is large. While the generators of that time were rated at some thousands of volts, these discharges were millions of volts in intensity. The generator problem was eliminated by the used of highly insulated switches which were provided with a very large ground connection.

Tesla was intrigued by this phenomenon which appeared to match the effect of his capacitor discharges. He calculated that the voltages produced were hundreds of times greater than could be supplied by the capacitor or generator. It was clear that the power supplied was being amplified or augmented in some way, but the question was, from where was the extra energy coming?

Tesla continued to investigate through experiments, taking precautions against the high voltages being produced. He was soon able to produce these shockwaves whenever he wanted to. The shockwaves produced a stinging sensation no matter where he stood in his laboratory, and hands and face were particularly sensitive to the wave. These waves radiated out and penetrated metal, glass and every other kind of material. This was clearly not an electromagnetic wave, so he called the new wave “Radiant Electricity”.

Tesla searched the literature to find references to this radiant energy but he could not find much. In 1842, Dr. Joseph Henry had observed that steel needles were magnetised by a Leyden Jar spark discharge located on a different floor of the building. The magnetising wave had passed through brick walls, oak doors, heavy stone and iron flooring and tin ceilings to reach the needles located in a vault in the cellar.

In 1872, Elihu Thomson took a large Ruhmkorrf Spark Coil, attached one pole of the coil to a cold-water pipe and the other pole to a metal table top. This resulted in a series of massive sparks which electrified the metal door knob of the room and produced the stinging shockwaves which Tesla was investigating. He found that any insulated metal object anywhere in the building would produce long continuous white sparks discharging to ground. This discovery was written up briefly in the Scientific American journal later that year.

Tesla concluded that all of the phenomena which he had observed, implied the presence of a medium . . . consisting of independent carriers capable of free motion – besides the air, another medium is present. This invisible medium is capable of carrying waves of energy through all substances, which suggests that, if physical, its basic structure is much smaller than the atoms which make up commonplace materials, allowing the stream of matter to pass freely through all solids. It appears that all of space is filled with this matter.

Thomas Henry Moray demonstrated this energy flow passing through glass and lighting standard electric light bulbs.

Harold Aspden performed an experiment known as the “Aspden Effect” which also indicates the presence of this medium. Aspden made this discovery when running tests not related to this subject. He started an electric motor which had a rotor mass of 800 grams and recorded the fact that it took an energy input of 300 joules to bring it up to its running speed of 3,250 revolutions per minute when it was driving no load. The rotor having a mass of 800 grams and spinning at that speed, its kinetic energy together with that of the drive motor is no more than 15 joules, contrasting with the excessive energy of 300 joules needed to get it rotating at that speed. If the motor is left running for five minutes or more, and then switched off, it comes to rest after a few seconds. But, the motor can then be started again (in the same or opposite direction) and brought up to speed with only 30 joules provided that the time lapse between stopping and restarting is no more than a minute or so. If there is a delay of several minutes, then an energy input of 300 joules is needed to get the rotor spinning again.

This is not a transient heating phenomenon. At all times the bearing housings feel cool and any heating in the drive motor would imply an increase of resistance and a build-up of power to a higher steady state condition. The experimental evidence is that there is something unseen, which is put into motion by the machine rotor. That “something” has an effective mass density 20 times that of the rotor, but it is something that can move independently and take several minutes to decay , while the motor comes to rest in a few seconds.

Two machines of different rotor size and composition reveal the phenomenon and tests indicate variations with time of day and compass orientation of the spin axis. One machine, the one incorporating weaker magnets, showed evidence of gaining strength magnetically during the tests which were repeated over a period of several days.

This clearly shows that there is an unseen medium which interacts with everyday objects and actions, and confirms Tesla’s discovery. Tesla continued to experiment and determined that a very short uni-directional pulse is necessary to generate the radiant energy wave. In other words, an alternating voltage does not create the effect, it has to be a DC pulse. The shorter the pulse time and the higher the voltage, the greater the energy wave. He found that using a capacitor and an arc discharge mechanism with a very powerful permanent magnet placed at right angles to the spark, improved the performance of his equipment by a major factor.

Additional experiments showed that the effects were altered by adjusting the duration of the electrical pulse. In each instance, the power of the radiated energy appeared to be constant irrespective of the distance from his apparatus. The energy was in the form of individual longitudinal waves. Objects placed near the equipment became powerfully electrified, retaining their charge for many minutes after the equipment was switched off.

Tesla was using a charging dynamo as a power source and he found that if he moved his magnetic discharger to one side of the dynamo, the radiant wave was positive. If he moved the magnetic discharger towards the other side of the dynamo, the radiant wave became negative in sign. This was clearly a new electrical force which travelled as light-like rays, showing them to be different in nature from the electromagnetic waves of Maxwell.

Investigating the effects of adjusting the duration of the pulses, Tesla found that a pulse train which had individual pulses with durations exceeding 100 microseconds, produced pain and mechanical pressures. At this duration, objects in the field visibly vibrated and were even pushed along by the field. Thin wires subjected to sudden bursts of the radiant field, exploded into vapour. When the pulse duration was reduced to 100 microseconds or below, the painful effect was no longer felt and the waves are harmless.

With a pulse duration of 1 microsecond, strong physiological heat was felt. With even shorter pulse durations, spontaneous illuminations capable of filling rooms with white light, were produced. Even shorter pulses produced cool room penetrating breezes with an accompanying uplift in mood and awareness. These effects have been verified by Eric Dollard who has written about them in some detail.

In 1890, Tesla discovered that if he placed a two-foot long single-turn deep copper helix coil near his magnetic disrupter, the thin-walled coil developed a sheath of white sparks with long silvery white streamers rising from the top of the coil. These discharges appeared to have much higher voltages than the generating circuit. This effect was greatly increased if the coil was placed inside the disrupter wire circle. The discharge seemed to hug the surface of the coil with a strange affinity, and rode up its surface to the open end. The shockwave flowed over the coil at right angles to the windings and produced very long discharges from the top of the coil. With the disrupter charge jumping one inch in its magnetic housing, the coil streamers were more than two feet in length. This effect was generated at the moment when the magnetic field quenched the spark and it was wholly unknown at that time.

This train of very short uni-directional pulses causes a very strange field to expand outwards. This field resembles a stuttering electrostatic field but has a far more powerful effect than would be expected from an electrostatic charge. Tesla was unable to account for the enormous voltage multiplication of his apparatus using any of the electrical formula of his day. He therefore presumed that the effect was entirely due to radiant transformation rules which would have to be determined through experimental measurements. This he proceeded to do.

Tesla had discovered a new induction law where radiant shockwaves actually auto-intensified when encountering segmented objects. The segmentation was the key to releasing the action. Radiant shockwaves encountered a helix and “flashed over” the outer skin, from end to end. This shockwave did not pass through the windings of the coil but treated the surface of the coil as a transmission path. Measurements showed that the voltage increase along the surface of the coil was exactly proportional to the length travelled along the coil, with the voltage increase reaching values of 10,000 volts per inch of coil. The 10,000 volts which he was feeding to his 24 inch coil were being magnified to 240,000 volts at the end of his coil. This was unheard of for simple equipment like that. Tesla also discovered that the voltage increase was mathematically linked to the resistance of the coil winding, with higher resistance windings producing higher voltages.

Tesla then began to refer to his disrupter loop as his special “primary” and to the long helical coil as his special “secondary” but he never intended anyone to equate these terms to those referring to electromagnetic transformers which operate in a completely different way.

There was an attribute which baffled Tesla for a time. His measurements showed that there was no current flowing in the long copper “secondary” coil. Voltage was rising with every inch of the coil, but there was no current flow in the coil itself. Tesla started to refer to his measured results as his “electrostatic induction laws”. He found that each coil had its own optimum pulse duration and that the circuit driving it needed to be “tuned” to the coil by adjusting the length of the pulses to give the best performance.

Tesla then noticed that the results given by his experiments paralleled the equations for dynamic gas movements, so he began wondering if the white flame discharges might not be a gaseous manifestation of electrostatic force. He found that when a metal point was connected to the upper terminal of the “secondary” coil, the streamers were directed very much like water flowing through a pipe. When the stream was directed at distant metal plates, it produced electronic charges which could be measured as current at the receiving site but in transit, no current existed. The current only appeared when the stream was intercepted. Eric Dollard has stated that this intercepted current can reach several hundred or even thousands of amps.

Tesla made another remarkable discovery. He connected a very heavy U-shaped copper bar directly across the primary of his disrupter, forming a dead short-circuit. He then connected several ordinary incandescent filament bulbs between the legs of the U-shaped bar. When the equipment was powered up, the lamps lit with a brilliant cold white light. This is quite impossible with conventional electricity, and it shows clearly that what Tesla was dealing with was something new. This new energy is sometimes called “cold electricity” and Edwin Gray sr. demonstrated how different it is by lighting incandescent-filament bulbs directly from his power tube, submerging them in water and putting his hand in the water. Cold electricity is generally considered to be harmless to humans. Ed Gray’s power tube operates by generating radiant electricity waves by using a spark gap, and collecting the energy using three encasing copper cylinders surrounding the spark gap. The cylinders are drilled with many holes as that enhances the pick-up and the load is driven directly from the current in the cylinders. When lighting bulbs, Ed used an air-cored transformer made of just a few turns of very heavy wire. I, personally, am aware of two people who have independently reproduced Ed’s power tube.

Tesla viewed the streamers coming off his coils as being wasted energy so he tried to suppress them. He tried a conical coil but found that this accentuated the problem. He then tried placing a copper sphere at the top of his coil. This stopped the streamers but electrons were dislodged from the copper sphere, creating really dangerous conditions. This implied that metals generate electron flows when struck by the coil streamers (as had been seen when the streamers had been aimed at remote metal plates and current was generated as a result).

Tesla designed, built and used large globe lamps which required only a single external plate for receiving the radiant energy. No matter how far away these lamps were from the radiant source, they became brilliantly lit, almost to the level of an arc lamp and far, far brighter than any of the conventional Edison filament lamps. By adjusting the voltage and the pulse duration of his apparatus, Tesla could also heat or cool a room.

Tesla’s experiments suggest that a method of extracting free-energy is to use a Tesla coil which has a metal spike instead of the more common metal sphere at the end of the “secondary” coil. If the Tesla coil is fed with sufficiently short uni-directional pulses and the “secondary” coil pointed at a metal plate, then it should be possible to draw off serious levels of power from the metal plate, just as Tesla discovered. This has been confirmed by Don Smith who uses two metal plates separated by a layer of plastic dielectric, forming a capacitor. He states that a well designed Tesla coil is capable of producing currents as high as the voltages and he demonstrates a hand-held 28 watt Tesla Coil played on the first plate producing a substantial continuous spark discharge between the second plate and ground.

also see



The following recital on Tesla’s work with Radiant Energy is an excerpt from
the book, Secrets of Cold War Technology by Gerry Vassilatos, pages 86-93.

The “fountain effects” which surrounded his station are not responsible for the ever-growing power observed by Tesla. This was the result of an incoming aetheric/cosmic supply for which his Transmitter gave low-resistance passage. The incoming electrical flow preferred the transmitter terminal to adjacent, more resistant rock. This gradual flow process soon evidenced itself in magnification effects, ever increasing volumes of flowing electricity being measured in his system. Some have argued that Tesla merely stored energy in the earth, extracting it for use later, but they cannot give an alternate explanation of where it came from. This is a basic error, the result of imagining the Colorado Springs experiment to be one consisting entirely of electrical effects (Grotz). It is in this light alone that we may comprehend the evident anomalous magnification of aetheric/cosmic phenomena in his Colorado Springs photographs.

Once aetheric/cosmic energy had been obtained from space, it had to be put to use. Tesla had arranged for the automatic activation of cosmic-electric-rebroadcast circuits in the station. The down pouring cosmic-electricity was automatically shunted to side circuits through capacitors. In these side branches, the electricity pulsed through dielectrics and expanded over the surfaces of his smaller coils. Thus stimulated to more rapid pulsation rates, they were ready for “rebroadcast”. Being rebroadcast away from the station through large vacuum globes, poised on elevated platforms, these were the electric pulsations, which would be utilized in home and industry. Simple and compact receivers would be established in every home and factory, set to receive cosmic-electric current through the ground. Tests were thrilling. The distant appliances, lamps and motors responded to the powerful pulsations, as if they were physically connected to the station by wire. A small house-like structure was established some 26 miles away from the station. In it, a cosmic power receiver was tuned to one of the rebroadcast rates. The 200 lamps housed within this structure, each of 50 watts rating, all remained brilliantly illuminated throughout the test runs. This apparently stimulated enough excitement and concern for word of this development to get back east.

Engineers were enraged.
Those who had missed his most early shift from alternations to impulses, failed to comprehend the vast distinction between “stationary waves” and ” standing waves”. The quizzical use of specific terms such as these was a Tesla trademark, one designed to puzzle the minds of those who criticized him the most. With the exception of a very few colleagues who continually made related discoveries in aetheric/cosmic physics, most academes had chosen to remain totally ignorant of the new study area. This for example was the case with the Teslian use of the term “frequency” and of “resonance” words which had completely different meanings for Tesla. Teslian “frequency” refers to the repetition of pulses per second. Teslian “resonance” refers to conditions in which aetheric-electricity flows with little or no resistance through systems, whether proximal or widely separated.

Photographs, which Tesla sent to his “financiers”, were analyzed and re-examined repeatedly for their encrypted meaning. None could decipher the cunning puzzle which Tesla had set before them. Tesla stated that photographs of the aetheric/cosmic white fire streamers required several minutes’ exposure time before registering the faintest sort of impression. Most of the plates were therefore the results of more than 20 minutes’ exposure time – a building up of tuned pulses.

There are a very few plates which, though stated to be the result of “one brief switch closure”, are covered with dense, thick white streamers. One fraction of a second closure on the system switch resulted in a twenty-minute or more aetheric/cosmic-electric avalanche. Magnifying Transformers continued discharging long after the initial impulse had been withdrawn.


Aetheric/Cosmic Power Receivers

Tesla returned to New York exultant. He was about to establish a new world precedent. Venture capitalists were everywhere, looking for their opportunity to enter the “new energy” market. Unknown to Tesla, his station, its tower, the large coils, the capacitors, and all the other marvelous apparatus, which demonstrated free aetheric power to the world, had been acquired for demolition. Tesla simply went forward, securing new funds from Morgan and others toward the development of a fully functional industry sized station in Long Island. Wardenclyffe would be his greatest achievement. Here he would broadcast power to the world, along with a communications network, which could span the globe with innumerable available channels. Aetheric/cosmic wave communications. Several stations would augment the power of this first station, from which he proposed to rebroadcast 10,000 horsepower. The Station, a wonderful visionary structure, which dominated the view of Shoreham, Long Island, was not quite complete before he admitted to J. Pierpoint Morgan its true purpose and Morgan cut his funding and it was eventually seized by court injunctions and torn down.

Tesla was summoned to appear in court. Mr. Leland Anderson who has since published a wonderful treatise with this transcript as the center-piece has secured the amazing transcript of this proceeding. Tesla said he wept when he saw the ruined tower at Wardenclyffe. The train ride back from Shoreham was filled with tears and the recounting of every tragedy, which marked his life. But the dreams did not die there. In the absence of financial means to construct his gigantic stations, Tesla found ways to build small systems, which accomplished the very same objectives.

Tesla was then plunged into a hellish time, where all but one would neither help nor hear him. Dr. John Hammond requested Tesla to be the permanent guest on his family estate. There, amid the family life of Hammond Castle, Tesla shared his dreams and technology. Together, he and Dr. Hammond developed the science of robots and remote guidance. Tesla, impoverished by the inhuman treatment wrought on him by the financial establishment, was for a very long time, considered “out of circulation.”

But later years turned a kindlier edge toward him. Long after his principle foe had died, other sought him out. Employed by the Rockefellers in their RCA venture, Tesla was given the task of restructuring the now failing Marconi System. David Sarnoff did not permit Tesla the dignity of working under his own name! Nevertheless it was Tesla, not Sarnoff, who redesigned the insufficient RCA radio systems to sufficiently turn a profit for the owners. It is significant that Tesla was not allowed to change the basic design from wave radio to radiant communications. What he achieved required certain strange conversions within the wave radio circuitry, intensifying radiant signals until the operation was much improved, and then converting the amplified signals back to waves once again. All of this was achieved within the chassis, certain of which are now being studied. These Tesla experimental models are typical of the Tesla style, containing no resistors or other such components. These models use simple transmitter tubes and employ a great number of symmetrically disposed conical air coils.


Dielectric energy

While working for RCA under the name “Terbo”, Tesla maintained his two penthouse suites atop the Hotel New Yorker. One penthouse was his living quarters, the other a full-scale research laboratory. Tesla designed and built small compact and portable aether energy receivers, a developmental path, which he pursued to his passing. [see Tesla’s Electric Car] Tesla had long investigated the use of pure dielectric field energy, a stream of aether whose individual pulsations were so very ultra short that science had never found a means to harness the energy impulses. Tesla later held the opinion that dielectric current was composed of radiant particles, aetheric in nature. He therefore sought natural sources in which native dielectric fields could be used as they were, without the need for mammoth voltage “shocks” to stigmata, excite, aetheric currents. Tesla knew that if dielectric aether streams could be directly engaged, a true world of the future would be in his grasp. Furthermore, the mass-production of thousands and ten of thousands of such power receivers would be an unstoppable army. An army of miniatures, which could never be torn down.

The implications were fathomless. Tesla had found a truly new and wonderful approach to an old problem. Once because his technology had not yet grown to the level where this was possible, he had to settle for impressing the naturally prolific aether streams with “extra” pulsations. The Transmitter method was costly, gargantuan, and an easy target for those who hated the notion of a future world where dreams rule humanity. Dielectric energy fascinated Tesla. It was everywhere, a natural emanation whose potentials far out proportioned conventional notions of power. Indeed, the early concept of natural radioactivity as an energy source was nothing in comparison to the potential power inherent in dielectric streams. The new technology would use ultra-short pulsing aetheric streams, energies that occupied most of his later press conferences in latter years. Study had convinced Tesla that the apparently smooth and native force characteristic of dielectric field energy was actually a particulate flux, a succession of ultra-short impulses. The derivation of such an impulse train would solve all energy needs for eternity with an elegance far out-reaching his own


Magnifier Transmitter

Of a truth, dielectric energy was a cosmic energy source of incredible proportion and virtually eternal duration. Able to use such a kinetic source, one could dispense entirely with the Power Transmitters necessary in stimulating and impressing “extra pulsations” on the aether flow. Tesla often defined the dielectric field as a natural flow of aether particles, one that seemed impossible to utilize through lack of appropriate resistive materials. In order to obtain momentum from the flowing particles of a dielectric field, one required special matter poised in equally special symmetries. The otherwise continuous flow could be absorbed directly, being exchanged to utilities, appliances, and other applications.

Tesla had already considered the condition of charged particles, each representing a tightly constricted whorl of aether. The force necessarily exerted at close distances by such aetheric constrictions was incalculably large. Aetheric ponderance maintained particulate stability. Crystalline lattices were therefore places within which one could expect to find unexpected voltages. Indeed, the high voltages inherent in certain metallic lattices, intra-atomic field energies, are enormous. The close Coulomb gradient between atomic centers are electrostatic potentials reaching humanly unattainable levels. By comparison, the voltages, which Tesla once succeeded in releasing, were quite insignificant. In these balanced lattices, Tesla sought the voltages needed to initiate directed aetheric-electric streams in matter. Once such a flow began, one could simply tap the stream for power. In certain materials, these aetheric-electric streams might automatically produce the contaminating electrons, a source of energy for existing appliances. One could theoretically then “tailor” the materials needed to produce unexpected aetheric power with or without the attendant detrital particles. Tesla did mention the latent aetheric power of charge forces, the explosive potentials of bound aether, and the aetheric Power inherent in matter.

In 1920, Einstein presented the idea of “dark” energy, throughout the universe, to explain why the Universe feels a force that counteracts gravity [no one realizing the connection to Tesla’s “secret” discovery, proof, and intended use of “dynamic electro-static forces”, in 1889-1903. Later, Tesla designed and built small compact and portable aether, radiant, energy receivers – see below]. Einstein’s explanation was quickly abandoned as unnecessary, and subsequently ignored for 70 years. Tesla’s work died without funding. Today we know that not only was Einstein correct, dark energy does exist, that Tesla was going to provide the world with free electric power from it, but also, that it is accelerating the Universe into darkness.


from http://nrgnair.com/MPT/zdi_tech/tesla/common/radiant/TRE1.htm




By Ken Adachi – Editor@educate-yourself.org
June 1, 2001

The story you are about to read is derived from a carefully researched paper presented by Dr. Peter Lindemann before a private audience in Irvine, California on September 12, 2000. The lecture was titled “The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity” . It detailed the story of Radiant Energy and its successful application by Edwin Gray in an over unity motor design which Gray debuted in 1973. The real detective work ( & credit) in uncovering Tesla’s discovery of Radiant energy came from author Gerry Vassilatos in his recent book, “Secrets of Cold War Technology” without which Lindemann could not have solved the enigma of Ed Gray’s Radiant circuit design. This lecture delivered the goods. The secret of Tesla’s Radiant Energy has finally been revealed in manifold detail and only awaits the industry of those who care to study and understand it. Part1 presents a general overview of Tesla’s discovery and the political, intrigues that led to its subsequent suppression. Part 2 details the nuts and bolts of how Tesla produced Radiant Energy with block diagrams, schematics, and drawings from Tesla’s original patents to illustrate all of the necessary elements and parameters required. Additional details on Gray’s modern adaptation of Tesla’s Radiant circuitry and a brief look at Eric Dollard, the only man to successfully recreate Tesla’s Colorado Springs Magnifying transmitter and reproduce the pure steaming white rays of Radiant energy in 1986 exactly as described by Tesla in his Colorado journals. Ken Adachi

Astrophysics, abstract: astro-ph/9811454

From: Mike Turner Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998

Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

Authors: Michael S. Turner (U. Chicago and Fermi lab)
Comments: 22 pages LaTeX with 7 eps figures. To be published in The Third Stromlo Symposium: The Galactic Halo, eds. B.K. Gibson, T.S. Axelrod, and M.E. Putnam (Astron. Soc. Pac. Conf. Series, Vol. 666, 1999)
For the first time, we have a plausible, complete accounting of matter and energy in the Universe. Expressed a fraction of the critical density it goes like this: neutrinos, between 0.3% and 15%; stars, 0.5%; baryons (total), 5%; matter (total), 40%; smooth, dark energy, 60%; adding up to the critical density. This accounting is consistent with the inflationary prediction of a flat Universe and defines three dark-matter problems: Where are the dark baryons? What is the nonbaryonic dark matter? What is the nature of the dark energy?

“Dark Energy” Dominates The Universe

Date: January 2, 2003
Science Daily HANOVER, NH – A Dartmouth researcher is building a case for a “dark energy”-dominated universe. Dark energy, the mysterious energy with unusual anti-gravitational properties, has been the subject of great debate among cosmologists. Brian Chaboyer, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth, with his collaborator Lawrence Krauss, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Case Western Reserve University, have reported their finding in the January 3, 2003, issue of Science. Combining their calculations of the ages of the oldest stars with measurements of the expansion rate and geometry of the universe lead them to conclude that dark energy dominates the energy density of the universe.

“This finding provides strong support for a universe which is dominated by a kind of energy we’ve never directly observed,” [except for the “blue spike phenomena” of electrical transmission lines] says Chaboyer. “Observations of distant supernova have suggested for a few years that dark energy dominates the universe, and our finding provides independent evidence that the universe is dominated by this type of energy we do not understand.”

The researchers came to this conclusion as they were refining their calculations for the age of globular clusters, which are groups of about 100,000 or more stars found in the outskirts of the Milky Way, our galaxy. Because this age (about 12 billion years old) is inconsistent with the expansion age for a flat universe (only about 9 billion years old), Krauss and Chaboyer came to the conclusion that the universe is expanding more quickly now than it did in the past.

The only explanation, according to Chaboyer and Krauss, for an accelerating universe is that the energy content of a vacuum is non-zero with a negative pressure, in other words, dark energy. This negative pressure of the vacuum grows in importance as the universe expands and causes the expansion to accelerate.

also see www.as.utexas.edu/hetdex

for a current in-depth article see The Universe’s Invisible Hand from Scientific American magazine. Feb. 2007 below


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From BNE
(Original article by Sol Millin, BNE coordinator, Byron Bay, Australia)

The “radiant energy engine” is the creation of a very sudden and frequent interruption to a dc voltage. Various dc voltage sources and voltage interruption devices have been used by researchers. Apparently, if you interrupt the dc voltage 10,000 times a second you have a potential “radiant energy engine”. Now 100 microseconds is a time interval of 1/10,000th of a second which with current electronic circuit design is considered trivial to produce. Using the most common oscillator chip in the world the NE555 this can be achieved easily.

A simple circuit will output a variable frequency dc 12 volt square wave between 1kHz and 40kHz for experimentation. You can use this wave form to drive your radiant energy engine through a simple Mosfet circuit which allows this wave form to be delivered at a very high amperage (up to 20 amps). The output wave form can be designed to be “ON” for a very very short period of time, thus consuming very little current in the primary circuit. Back emf from the primary circuit and some of the radiant energy from the secondary circuit can be used to charge a potential source (eg. 12 volt battery) which can alternate with the primary current source (another 12 volt battery) to hopefully produce an OU (over unity) radiant energy machine.

What we have to do then apparently is raise the primary voltage to some thousands of volts and apply this clean cut off (with no back emf) to our “radiant energy transceiver” which apparently creates a disturbance in Space itself that ‘moves’ electrons in the output (transmitter) aspect of the “radiant energy transceiver”. The input and output circuits of the transceiver are electrically isolated from each other. The load of the “radiant energy machine” is run off of the output of the radiant transmitter.

So the potential interruptions in the primary circuit which by the way use very very little current, ‘move’ the radiant energy in the secondary circuit which supplies energy to the load.

Sounds like the same concept of oscillation that Stanley Meyer was using to fracture water. From what I understand by watching a video about Meyer he used very high DC voltage and very low amperage (milliamps) to get water to split into Hydrogen and Oxygen. In the video it talks about the oscillation of the current and I believe he used some sort of dielectric to prevent emf, from what I have read. I am a novice at all of this so please forgive me if I have stated something technically incorrect. I am attempting to build his original fuel cell from the patent blueprints but am not sure of exactly how to deliver the DC current wave form. If any one knows what type of device I could use to vary the current and interrupt it at the correct rate please post here. Unfortunately I understand Meyer was murdered. The video alludes to the idea that he was offered a billion dollars for his invention and he turned it down. I’m not interested in the money either. I want free energy for everyone.

from nrgnair.com/MPT/zdi_tech/tesla/common/radiant/TRE1.htm


Scientific American magazine.

Feb. 2007

The Universe’s Invisible Hand

Dark energy does more than hurry along the expansion of the universe.
It also has a stranglehold on the shape and spacing of galaxies
By Christopher J. Conselice What took us so long? Only in 1998 did astronomers discover we had been missing nearly three quarters of the contents of the universe, the so-called dark energy–an unknown form of energy that surrounds each of us, tugging at us ever so slightly, holding the fate of the cosmos in its grip, but to which we are almost totally blind. Some researchers, to be sure, had anticipated that such energy existed, but even they will tell you that its detection ranks among the most revolutionary discoveries in 20th-century cosmology. Not only does dark energy appear to make up the bulk of the universe, but its existence, if it stands the test of time, will probably require the development of new theories of physics.

Scientists are just starting the long process of figuring out what dark energy is and what its implications are. One realization has already sunk in: although dark energy betrayed its existence through its effect on the universe as a whole, it may also shape the evolution of the universe’s inhabitants–stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters. Astronomers may have been staring at its handiwork for decades without realizing it.

Ironically, the very pervasiveness of dark energy is what made it so hard to recognize. Dark energy, unlike matter, does not clump in some places more than others; by its very nature, it is spread smoothly everywhere. Whatever the location–be it in your kitchen or in intergalactic space–it has the same density, about 10-26 kilogram per cubic meter, equivalent to a handful of hydrogen atoms. All the dark energy in our solar system amounts to the mass of a small asteroid, making it an utterly inconsequential player in the dance of the planets. Its effects stand out only when viewed over vast distances and spans of time.

Since the days of American astronomer Edwin Hubble, observers have known that all but the nearest galaxies are moving away from us at a rapid rate. This rate is proportional to distance: the more distant a galaxy is, the faster its recession. Such a pattern implied that galaxies are not moving through space in the conventional sense but are being carried along as the fabric of space itself stretches [see “Misconceptions about the Big Bang,” by Charles H. Lineweaver and Tamara M. Davis; Scientific American, March 2005]. For decades, astronomers struggled to answer the obvious follow-up question: How does the expansion rate change over time? They reasoned that it should be slowing down, as the inward gravitational attraction exerted by galaxies on one another should have counteracted the outward expansion.

The first clear observational evidence for changes in the expansion rate involved distant supernovae, massive exploding stars that can be used as markers of cosmic expansion, just as watching driftwood lets you measure the speed of a river. These observations made clear that the expansion was slower in the past than today and is therefore accelerating. More specifically, it had been slowing down but at some point underwent a transition and began speeding up [see “Surveying Space-time with Supernovae,” by Craig J. Hogan, Robert P. Kirshner and Nicholas B. Suntzeff; Scientific American, January 1999, and “From Slowdown to Speedup,” by Adam G. Riess and Michael S. Turner; Scientific American, February 2004]. This striking result has since been cross-checked by independent studies of the cosmic microwave background radiation by, for example, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP).

One possible conclusion is that different laws of gravity apply on supergalactic scales than on lesser ones, so that galaxies’ gravity does not, in fact, resist expansion. But the more generally accepted hypothesis is that the laws of gravity are universal and that some form of energy, previously unknown to science, opposes and overwhelms galaxies’ mutual attraction, pushing them apart ever faster. Although dark energy is inconsequential within our galaxy (let alone your kitchen), it adds up to the most powerful force in the cosmos.
. . .


Tesla’s Electric Car

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  1. WOW Just found this web-site, will be reading for months. Don’t shut down, this is addictive. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Thank you -ed

  2. What Mr Tesla did for us was wonderful…

  3. Love your Website and Great Information.
    I live in Alice Springs, Central Australia.
    Please keep me updated on any new developments on your website?

    It is being updated all the time. – Thanks

  4. what is the connection (if any) between Tesla and Ultraviolet Light?

    Somehow I learned that Tesla had discovered a way to derive electrical energy through some application of the UV spectrum…..what thoughts do you all have on this matter?

    do a google search?

  5. hi
    very interested site, i learn a lot from you.

    i have built tesla coil.
    but still no more out than in.
    do you have any suggestion?

    some people said need paralel spark gap(but Mr. Don said this paralel spark gap is for voltage limiter), not in series with lc tank.
    what do you think about this?

    please watch video title “opposote coil” on youtube.
    do you know how it get whale shape waveform like that?

    Perhaps not a Tesla coil, but a pancake coil, which Tesla also developed and no one has paid attention to. see the next 2 pages: Tesla, Radiant Energy.2 and Tesla, R. Energy Motors.
    – ed

  6. I couldn’t find the PDF

    the pdf was not that worthwhile, but the scribd.com page (above) is very interesting
    – ed

  7. Do you think the recently discovered inverted Boltzmann distribution could help use dark energy in an internal combustion engine?


  8. Dear ed do you know Patrick.J.Kelly has recently been shut down? Have you had any unwanted attention? I ask because i am only about 5% through your website!…Excellent info./ website. ATB

    I don’t know Patrick.J.Kelly (www.free-energy-info.tuks.nl). I know Sterling D. Allan (peswiki.com), … and others.

  9. RE: Patrick Kelly. It seems after closing his site and posting (that “he has not been threatened or coerced in any way and is simply retiring from the zero point energy field” )The website has re-opened?….But is a mere shadow of what it was, with a lot less info. and only on selected inventors/ topics!

  10. Everything created by Tesla hiding from the eyes of the people.
    ask all who have something to exchange. Greeting

  11. Do you have any information or documentation of the connection from dark energy (radiant) to healing energy work such as radiant-magnetic healing or quantum healing?

  12. Thanks for the hard work; it can bring one up to speed quickly. Got a question for you. I felt that a spark created by DC actually generates AC when it collapses. I placed my clamp on amp meter around the electrodes of a spark gap and was getting 20 amps AC. I put a solenoid coil around it, in front of it, with and without core and could get no measureable voltage, though my hertz meter was showing between 150 and 200 hz. This gas ignition device only pulls about 4 Ua when a flame is present. Is this related to the ether that Tesla was trying to tap.

  13. hi- when Tesla talked about the antenna he said it was a shine metal plate but didn’t say if it was a multi layer plate or had a bifilar coil in it. I don’t have the skills to understand much of this but a coil might be a primary and the heavy antenna that has been mentioned as having been on the car could be a secondary coil ?????

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