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Tesla, Radiant Energy Motors

Dark, Radiant, Negative, Energy:
“cosmic”, “atmospheric”, Generators.

Gradually, the word of John Bedini’s success in ‘industrializing’
Tesla’s radiant energy technology is leaking out

One thing came out very clearly: every time when we locked into the [Radiant] “free energy” all commonly known physical laws are no longer valid. The things happening react directly opposite to what one would expect. Specifically the more we loaded a specific circuit, the more output energy we gained, while using a constant input energy level.


C. Earl Ammann’s Cosmic Electric Generator

In 1918, while doing painting and decorating, I was hired to paper several bedrooms in a large two-story house. While at this work I went down to the back porch to pick up some materials. I happened to glance at the light meter and saw it was not moving.

I opened the fuse box and saw the main power fuses had been removed. It took only a minute to make sure the line had not been taped beyond the meter.

The only member of the family at home at the time was a young man in his early twenties. I asked him, “Earl, where do you get your juice? I noticed it does not come from the power lines”.

“Come along and I’ll show you”, he said. He led me up to the attic. He placed some steel bars on a work table and picked up a coil which looked like a loose coupler. After placing the coils on the steel rods he touched the opposite terminal. The bell rang with great force, and there was quite a spark, too.

I picked up the coils to make sure there was no contact with other appliances. I could see right through them. There was no battery inside. The bell rang just as vigorously. The wire was iron.

In the basement Earl had what he called an Activator Transformer, the size of two fists, which had to be within 10 miles of the radius of the generator coils. The activator was not in contact with any visible wires or appliances. It was activated by the electric currents which surge around the earth and activate the compass needle. By cutting into these currents, earl said, we can obtain unlimited power.

A year later Earl demonstrated his Cosmo Electric Generator in Denver. He had placed two copper spheres on the front fenders of his car in place of the headlights. From these copper spheres he obtained enough power to drive that old jalopy all over Denver as reported in the Denver Post at the time. [see Tesla’s Electric Car]

While Earl was demonstrating his invention all over the streets of Denver, the power had been cut off in the foothills. In spite of this, when he went to Washington DC shortly afterward to try to obtain a patent on his Cosmo Electric Generator, he found that charges had been filed against him claiming he had a device to steal power from the power lines.

K. H. Isselstein,
Spokane, WA

Denver Post (Monday, August 8, 1921)

Denver Man, C. Earl Ammann, Invents Generator That
Takes Electricity From Air and Propels Automobile

Believes He has Apparatus that will Revolutionize Power & Lighting & Gives it a Test on Streets of City

Has an invention been made that will revolutionize the electrical world? Will the apparatus conceived by a Denver man light buildings, run automobiles, battleships, power plants by the unlimited supply of electricity in the air? Denver electrical experts say “yes”, and the young inventor, C. Earl Ammann, today, demonstrated his invention by attaching it to an old automobile and running it about the city.

An atmospheric generator is the name of Ammann’s apparatus. It is a compact, cylindrical object with two small brass spheres protruding from the top. Inside, Ammann says, is an arrangement of steel wires and minerals, so fixed as to draw the electricity from the air, condense it and utilize it for driving power.

The automobile which Ammann used for his demonstration Monday was the body and chassis of an electric vehicle. There are said to be no batteries in the car. It propelled itself with remarkable speed at the touch of the foot, climbed hills and glided through a maze of traffic under easy control.

Ammann, Careful To Conceal His Invention

When asked by skeptical persons if he had a storage battery concealed inside of the power cylinder, Ammann said:

“As badly as I would like to show the inside of my invention, I can’t, for I have not yet obtained the patent rights. It would be exposing the result of seven years of work to open the cylinder. I leave for Washington this week to obtain the patent rights. When I return I will gladly show everything and I can only say, wait until then and time will tell.

“I have bucked every law of the textbooks to perfect the invention. It appears on the order of the wireless telephone but it is decidedly different, except that the electricity is derived from the air. It will run anywhere except under water.

The automobile is only a simple test. The generator will light buildings, do away with steam turbines, and, in fact, propel any kind of engine motor”.

J. N. Davis, the proprietor of the Davis Electric Garage company, at 921 East 14th Avenue, and one of the oldest electrical men in Denver, made a thorough study of the generator.

Electrical Man Has Faith In It

“I believe that Mr. Ammann has at least made the invention which will revolutionize power”, Mr. Davis said. “Of course, we don’t know what is inside of the generator and the inventor would be foolish to show us. We have long known that certain minerals exist, which if properly arranged together, would furnish power. That, in substance, according to the blueprints of the invention, is the basis of the whole thing.

“If the generator has been perfected to the extent that it will propel an automobile, the rest of its work is assured. It will be the greatest invention of the age. The electricity obtained from the air, first passing through the generator, would be available for any use”. So impressed was Mr. Davis that he offered the use of his building for Mr. Ammann’s headquarters. Ammann, who is but 28 years old, came to Denver from Spokane, Washington. He is an electrical engineer and lives at the Argonaut Hotel.

Lester Hendershot: Fuelless Motor

“Fuelless Motor Impresses Experts”

W.B. Stout Says, Invention Works Uncannily *** Washington Thinks It’s Important ~ Built On A Radio Principle ~ Armature Winding New — Invention Inspired By Young Son — Lindbergh Flies Here

Detroit, Mich, Feb. 25 — W.B. Stout, head of the Stout Air Lines and designer of the all-metal tri-motored Ford Monoplane, declared here today that he had seen what he characterized as an “impressive” demonstration of the Hendershot fuelless motor two weeks ago in Pittsburgh.

Lester J. Hendershot, the inventor, and his associate. D. Barr Peat, who is manager of the Bettis Field at McKeesport, demonstrated the motor secretly yesterday in a hangar at Selfridge Field. This block test was witnessed by Major Thomas G. Lanspier, Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and others.

It was explained today that the model used in the demonstration was a much smaller machine than an actual working motor capable of developing enough power to lift and propel an airplane. Its designers claim for it that it runs on an electromagnetic principle, by which it draws its force directly from the earth’s field, and through the properties within the motor itself transforms these electric currents into power tha can be delivered efficiently at a propeller shaft.

Alfred M. Hubbard’s Atmospheric Power Generator

In 1920, at the age of 19, Alfred Hubbard built a coil and motor that ran his boat 10 knots an hour on Portage Bay in Seattle on July 29th. He called this ‘fuelless’ unit an ‘atmospheric power generator.’ Hubbard claimed it could operate for years; drive a large car; light an office building; and fly a plane around the world nonstop. Little is known about the Hubbard Coil. “Since Alfred Hubbard worked with Tesla for a short period, it seems likely that his transformer is based on [information from] Tesla.” [Especially since Hubbard failed to build his generator to match the load he put on it in his public boating demo and Tesla is still the only one known “for having revealed the physical laws underlying it.”]

Magnetic Energy

In the early 1970s, Dr. Keith E. Kenyon of Van Nuys, California, discovered a discrepancy in long-accepted laws relating to electrical motor magnets. Based upon this discovery, he built a radically different motor that could theoretically run a car on a very small amount of current.

When this was demonstrated to scientists and engineers in 1976, those present admitted that it worked remarkably well. But because it defied the “accepted” laws of physics, they chose to ignore it.

Bob Teal of Madison, Florida, a retired electronics engineer, invented what he called a Magna-Pulsion Engine. It ran by means of six tiny electromagnets and a secret timing device. Requiring no fuel, the engine emitted no gases. It was so simple in design that it required very little maintenance. A small motorcycle battery provided enough power to get it started. The engine was met with little but skepticism.

Howard Johnson developed a motor whose power was generated purely by magnetism. It took six years of legal hassles to patent his design (U.S. Patent No. 4,151,431).

Edwin Gray Sr., 48, has fashioned working devices that could:
Power every auto, train, truck, boat and plane that moves in this land — perpetually.
Warm, cool and service every American home — without erecting a single power line.
Feed limitless energy into the nation’s mighty industrial system — forever.
And do it all without creating a single iota of pollution.


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  1. The Hubbard device was developed further by Paul Brown. This device was also known as a radium battery. Paul claimed that he was working with the Canadian gov. to perfect this device prior to his untimely and mysterious death. I do believe he patented the device. He also founded a company known as peripheral systems. Google him for more details. He was a good honest man and a friend.

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